A first Dream

Illustration Kapitel 1 / Illustration Chapter 1
The gras is shining green and a small stream is dabbling between the single rocks. It is one of these especially nice springdays, where the sun has already power, but the air is not too dry. Instead it is slightly humid and it feels warm. On one grassland, thru which the stream is running, you can see a lot of white dots and it looks like the sun had not the power to remove all the leavings of the winter. Going nearer it becomes visible that the white dots are sheeps, that are kept in order by two dogs. On one rock in the near of the small stream a girl white a blade of grass in her mouth is lying and staring in the cloudless sky. She is enjoying the gentle dabbling of the water and the warm sunbeams. Whilst the girl is lying around, the sky is getting suddenly dark and a strong cold wind begins to blow. At the horizon a lot of small dots are getting visible and chased by the wind they are approaching very fast. The girl is getting the creeps. The black dots turn out to be a swarm of corbies, with the rock where the girl is lying on as target. On of the corbies is getting out of the swarm and is rushing in the direction of the rock. Suddenly something wet is touching the cheek of the girl and a dog is barking. The girl awakes and is looking directly in the eyes of her loyal dog Langolf. The girl is putting her arms around the dog and is holding him tight. After a while she is sending Langolf back to work. Langolf is taking a few steps, stopping and looking back. Now the girl is shouting: “All is fine Langolf”, takes a new blade of grass and is standing on top of the rock tending her flock. Slowly it becomes evening and she starts putting a fence around the flock, that it is covered thru the night and the dogs can relax a bit during the night, also if they are staying the hole night at the flock. She is taking her stick and making her way to the cottage of her father. Already from a distance she can smell the smelling of her favorite soup. “Hello Saebi”, the father is saying, “the dinner is already prepared.” They are sitting together as every evening and eating their soup. Thru the warmth of the fire Saebi is forgetting all the happenings of the day. First in her room, as she is lying on her bed she is remembering the happenings and wishes that Langolf would be near to her. But then she talks to herself: “It was only a dream.” Before she is getting to sleep, she is putting a dreamcatcher in front of the window of her room.

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